Self-Service Security


  • Login Authentication
    When logging into iSolved, the cookies on the PC are utilized to verify authentication. At the time of login, the cookie is
    updated with the login information and the date of the login. If the user logs in from that machine again, and if the cookie is
    still intact, then they would be recognized and bypass two-factor authentication. For users that have a dynamic IP address,
    this will reduce the number of times they need to authenticate.

  • Direct Deposit Information Alerts
    Every time an official’s direct deposit account or routing number is updated, added, or deleted, an email will be sent to the
    official’s email accounts (work and personal) stored in iSolved letting them know their direct deposits have been updated.

  • Email Account Change Alerts
    Every time an email account is changed, an email will be sent to the previous email address alerting them of the change. This
    alert will inform the official of changes to their email address.

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