Blocking Dates on Availability Calendar

Blocking Dates
      In order to block days on your calendar, you must go to your availability screen.

You can block dates by either clicking a dates on the calendar or selecting a date range located below the calendar. 

Once you set the dates, you now must select the type of block you want. When selecting a Partial block you need to specify the start and end times. You must also enter an Explanation for the block (Work, Family event, other game, etc.) This section can also be used to remove or edit blocks. You must also list a reason for the block

Once you have selected the Block type, you now must select the association(s) you wish to block. You can check the All Associations or you can check one or more of the associations listed. Only the associations selected will be blocked. If you have already been assigned a game for a date you are trying to block you will receive a message, “You cannot block a full day, an assignment is in the system for this day”.

Once you have completed the Block information you can click the “Update” button. This will update the information in the system and return you to your availability calendar. The new block will be listed in the calendar with the appropriate legend.

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