Alternate Address – Mileage

Alternate Address – Mileage
      Alternate Address – Mileage feature allows the official to add an Alternate Address and then set up each day of the week with either Primary or Alternate and the Maximum One-Way Miles they can travel each day. The Availability Drop down will list accordingly. If the official’s One-way miles to the location exceeds the Maximum set for that day, the official will not show in the drop down.

When feature is turned on it will allow the Official to enter an Alternate Address and then specify which address to use for which day of the week. This will show on the My Profile page. If the Official does not have an Alternate address the system will not allow the daily address to be set to Alternate.

It will also allow the official or Administrator to calculate mileage from the Primary and Alternate address to the Locations set in the system. If Primary address mileage is -0-, Alternate will be -0-. -0- will not show in availability.

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